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Dayliles in Bloom

Michelle Bingham and Denise Freeman, co-owners of Woodcrest Daylilies LLC, began collecting daylilies in 2007. Their passion for the blooming perennials has grown into a business that fills the yard of their Warwick Township home.  The public is invite to stroll among the 700 varieties of daylilies in their Pennsylvania-licensed […]

Farmers Market Vichyssoise

By Gina Yoder I love soup.  A lot.  Every season, every month, every week, I love soup.  Even when it’s so hot out that my husband raises an eyebrow when I mention soup, I gleefully pull my favorite soup pot off the shelf and I make soup.  Last week at […]

Taste something new

By Gina Yoder One of the pleasures of home is the comfort of familiar dishes, family favorites, kitchen aromas that harken fond memories.  However, whenever I travel, one of my goals is to taste something new every day.  This is easy to do when in unfamiliar places, and I look […]