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  • Aunt Mary
  • Amaranth Gluten Free Bakery
  • Banana Blossom
  • Blue Spruce Market
  • Bretta's Bread
  • Bountiful Feast Popsicles
  • Charles Family Farm
  • Elm Family Flowers
  • Grumpy Bear Granola
  • Global Kitchen
  • Isabelle Cuisine
  • JB Kelly's Seafood Connection
  • McCalls Ferry Farm
  • My Peruvian Treasures
  • Sugar Whipped
  • Susan's Garden Patch
  • Thom's Bread
  • Twisted Sisters Ice Cream
  • Wise Oak Herbs
  • Wish Herb Shop
  • Woodcrest Daylilies LLC

Aunt Mary

My Aunt Mary's is an authentic Italian homemade pasta sauce made by Mary Gambale at her home in Lititz PA. My Aunt Mary's sauce is being sold at Lititz Farmers Market from May through mid October every Saturday from 8 AM-12PM, at Roots Farmers Market outside on the midway from April through November every Tuesday 8AM-9 PM, at the Green Dragon all year round indoors in building #5 every Friday from 9 AM-9 PM, the Historic Columbia House on Sunday's all year round from 10 AM-3 PM, in the town of Lititz in the specialty store Zest located at 30 E. Main Street, in the store Extra Olives located at 358 N. Reading Road in Ephrata and at Lancaster Pickle Company located at 12 W. Orange Street, Lancaster City. Come one, come all and purchase My Aunt Mary's delicious homemade all natural Italian pasta sauce, and as all my little nieces and nephews do say "It's Yummy." See you soon xoxoxo

Amaranth Gluten Free Bakery

Gluten free breads, cookies, cakes & more baked from scratch.

Banana Blossom

Asian/Caribbean-inspired street food and empanadas.

Blue Spruce Market

What is more appealing than a tree ripened peach in the middle of summer? Come and find this and much more at Blue Spruce Market. Delight your taste buds with fresh picked corn on the cob. Want to get your veggies in a Jar? Come here for Thelma's Chow-Chow, Bread & Butter Pickles & Pickled Red Beets -"Made just like Grandma's." Or how about Apple BBQ sauce & Bacon Dressing? And as fall rolls around, here comes the favorite Honey Crisp Apples. Please stop by Blue Spruce Market at the Lititz Farmer's Market for many good and healthy things to eat.

Bretta's Bread

A charter member, "Two Ladies Baking" is looking forward to coming back for their 9th season. We offer European style crusty breads; Italian Pagnotta, Extra Tangy Sourdough, German Vollkornbrot, Fruit and Nut, Steel Cut Oats, 30% Grain and Seed, Whole Wheat Sourdough and Bauernbrot. In addition to our line of breads, we offer cookies, sticky buns, chocolate babka and seasonal baked goods. As always, we use quality ingredients and everything is made from scratch, without exception. King Arthur flour is our flour of choice, and Grade AA Butter and Wilbur Chocolate products for quality baking.

Bountiful Feast Popsicles

Our business is homemade popsicles. These popsicles use actual fruit or vegies instead of extracts or artificial products. We generally use sugar and water made into a simple syrup but there are some sugar free flavors also. Weekly flavors will be: honeydew basil, cucumber fennel, strawberry, grape and strawberry-kiwi-lemon (which is sugar free). Also I will have weekly speciality flavors that will change each week. These may or may not be sugar free.

Charles Family Farm

Curt and June have a small farm at 2249 Leabrook Rd., Lancaster, Pa 17601, just west of East Petersburg, which produces excellent quality, locally fed, growth hormone free, Black Angus, freezer beef.

Elm Family Flowers

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Grumpy Bear Granola

GRUMPY BEAR GRANOLA IS UNIQUE! First, we combine high quality, gluten-free ingredients. Then we bake them to perfection, hand stirring twice during the baking process to ensure consistency. Grumpy Bear Granola is handcrafted, not mass-produced, so that we can focus on bringing to you a flavorful, light-textured granola. THE GRUMPY BEAR STORY. My quest to find a delicious, pleasantly-textured granola lead me to develop the recipe for Grumpy Bear Granola- 15 carefully combined, gluten-free ingredients. My husband is credited with naming the product "Grumpy Bear Granloa" , and he claimed I was the inspiration. ( Okay, so maybe I was. ) Grumpy Bear Granola is still handcrafted in our Lancaster County kitchen. Enjoy Grumpy Bear Granola-your taste buds will thank you! Andrea (aka) Grumpy Bear

Global Kitchen

The Global Kitchen is a small, Lancaster-based business that offers delicious and nutritious delicacies from around the world. We believe that delicious food can and should be good for you and help to support your healthy lifestyle. Amazing flavors can be teased from healthful ingredients with the use of herbs, spices and condiments and careful application of cooking methods. The results are truly palate-pleasing!

Isabelle Cuisine

Isabelle Cuisine is the result of Isabelle’s love for cooking and eating. Isabelle wants to share some of the wonderful foods she grew up eating in Burkina Faso. Some of these foods are Isabelle’s own creations, and some are from the many different cultures she has had the privilege of interacting with over the years. Because of this, Isabelle Cuisine is literally a flavorful, international and exciting melting pot in its own right!

JB Kelly's Seafood Connection

Our mission/goal is to bring you the freshest and highest quality and affordable seafood directly from the wharf's of Maine to your dinner plate. All of our seafood is "Wild Caught" and “Domestic”. We try to buy directly from the fishermen and sell to you 12-36 hours after the fish are caught in the Atlantic Ocean. By doing this, we cut out the middleman, which keeps your seafood fresher and more affordable.

McCalls Ferry Farm

If you are looking for locally-produced, delicious beef and pork, search no further. McCalls Ferry Farm is proud to offer a variety of premium beef cuts and specialty products. Beef and pork is available for local sales in northern Virginia and southcentral Pennsylvania. McCalls Ferry Farm is family-owned and family-operated by the Kilgore family. The Kilgores have been involved in farming for all of their lives and have a keen understanding of how to take care of the land and the environment. Beef produced on McCalls Ferry Farm is pasture-raised, with the animals being primarily grass-fed. This results in a premium product offered. The Kilgores take pride in the care they give their animals and the quality of the beef produced.

My Peruvian Treasures

My name is Luisa and I'm dedicated to promote Fair Trade handmade products from my country Peru. We work with Organic Cotton and Alpaca fiber and every piece we make at our shop is "One-of-a-Kind", our artisans are highly skilled in the arts of weaving, knitting & crochet, hand embroidery and sewing.

Sugar Whipped

Stephanie’s pledge to Sugar Whipped Bakery customers is to bake the way her grandparents baked. All ingredients are natural and many of them are sourced locally. No shortening, margarine, artificial ingredients, or colors are used in Sugar Whipped products. The only time any artificial color is used is if something very specific is ordered that needs a certain color. Every treat is handled with care, and the gluten-free line is mixed with separate equipment in a separate kitchen. Sugar Whipped Bakery works under the belief that all foods should taste good without any artificial ingredients. With a variety of unique—as well as traditional—flavors of cupcakes, whoopie pies, cake pops, and gourmet marshmallows, Sugar Whipped Bakery operates with the goal of producing all-natural treats with a homemade feel.

Susan's Garden Patch

Sells fresh produce, baked goods, noodles, jams, relishes, honey, and handmade fry pies.

Thom's Bread

From the countryside of Italy, to the heart of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania the bread truly exemplifies the wonderful simplicity of a basic Italian loaf. A deeply flavored bread, crackles as you bite through the crust, and satisfies with a meaty crumb that is also light and chewy. The heart of the bread relies only on flour, water, salt, and yeast—producing something which is beyond terrific.

Twisted Sisters Ice Cream

Premium ice cream with flavors that change weekly.

Wise Oak Herbs

Sells teas, spices and herbs.

Wish Herb Shop

Wish Cafe and Herb Shop offers organic and sustainably grown coffees, teas, and herbs. We strive to create the best tea and spice blends and offer only the best in local herbal remedies and micro roasted coffees.

Woodcrest Daylilies LLC

Woodcrest Daylilies LLC is a local, licensed nursery, with over 400 varieties of Hybridized Daylilies. Each week we will have a variety of potted Daylily plants, garden flags and garden art available for purchase at our stand in the Lititz Farmers Market.

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